SearXNG Instance provides access to a semi-private SearXNG instance.


As a thank you token, donators of a minimum of 10€ (or the cryptocurrency equivalent) can contact us to get access to our SearXNG instance.

  • Access is permanent (this might change at a later date, but people donating before this is changed will keep a permanent access).

  • Donating also includes access to our Invidious instance and to a VIP role on the Call of Duty 4 - Kill the King server.

  • Instance features:

  • Instance is accessible on
  • The instance is running a custom configuration that always include the upstream changes, it is updated by hand so that the best settings are chosen. From what we know, this is the only instance where this is done.
  • The instance is focused on high results quality, for that we enable a large number of high quality engines.
  • The instance is behind a HTTP basic login, meaning it's entirely compatible with Libredirect/Privacy Redirect and every (good) RSS client using the URL:
  • The login are the same for both SearXNG and Invidious.
  • The instance is semi-private, meaning a low number of users are using it. This make it so the instance is never rate limited by an engine (something that was a problem when the instance was public).
  • Everything (including pictures) is proxied by default.
  • Every access logs are disabled, no one will know what you search, ever.