This is the page that contain everything you need to know about PussTheCat.org:

What is "PussTheCat.org":

PussTheCat.org provide access to open source services that are focused on privacy and video games servers.

PussTheCat.org is brought to you by some friends who wanted a server for some of their stuff.

It is entirely created, developed, managed and administrated by one of them: TheFrenchGhosty.

We decided to provide public access to some services that are focused on privacy and to some video games servers because we wanted to give back to the community that created those or other similar services.

Why "Puss The Cat"?

PussTheCat.org is named after guy.


  • Public Matrix discussion and status room: #pussthecat.org:pussthecat.org

  • Matrix (preferred): [at] thefrenchghosty [colon] pussthecat [dot] org
  • XMPP (use either OMEMO or unencrypted): thefrenchghosty [at] disroot [dot] org
  • E-mail: contact [at] pussthecat [dot] org
  • Fediverse: @TheFrenchGhosty@libretooth.gr

  • Donate:

  • Donations method and overview of costs are available here.

  • Credits:

  • Cadence (cloudrac3r): Help with Nginx, gave me the code to anonymize the IP addresses in it.
  • Perflyst: Massive amount of help with Nginx and IPTables.
  • Bopol: Help with the testing of this website (mainly on mobile), is the reason why this website is usable on mobile today.

  • Favicon and logo roughly based on "09_minion_03_x.png" from "Beowulf's RPG Boss Monsters & Minions Pack" by Beowulf used with license.