Invidious Instance provides access to a semi-private Invidious instance.


As a thank you token, donators of a minimum of 10€ (or the cryptocurrency equivalent) can contact us to get access to our Invidious instance.

  • Access is permanent (this might change at a later date, but people donating before this is changed will keep a permanent access).

  • Donating also includes access to our SearXNG instance and to a VIP role on the Call of Duty 4 - Kill the King server.

  • Instance features:

  • Instance is accessible on
  • The instance is focused on what the user wants to watch, by default, the homepage is a search bar, recommendations/related videos/trending are disabled
  • The instance is behind a HTTP basic login, meaning it's entirely compatible with Libredirect/Privacy Redirect and every (good) RSS client using the URL:
  • The login are the same for both Invidious and SearXNG.
  • The instance is semi-private, meaning a low number of users are using it. This make it so the instance is always fast, no matter what.
  • Video quality is set to DASH/1080p by default.
  • Everything (including videos) is proxied by default.
  • Every access logs are disabled, no one will know what you watch, ever.
  • Registration is disabled (for now, this might change if there's demand).
  • Annotations are enabled by default.