PussTheCat.org provide access to open source services that are focused on privacy and video games servers.

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Invidious is a way to use YouTube without being tracked.


Nitter is a way to use Twitter without being tracked.


Bibliogram is a way to use Instagram without being tracked.


Searx is a way to use any search engine without being tracked.

Game Servers:


Insurgency is a tactical first-person shooter developed and published by New World Interactive.

Server name: [FR-EN] Insurgency by PussTheCat.org

Call of Duty 4 - Kill the King

Kill the King (KtK) is a new mod which changes the Call of Duty 4 experience dramatically by dividing teams in two groups - assassins and guardians. At first, one lone assassin must strive to kill the king - whilst dodging the guardians. Killing a guardian will respawn him as an assassin, who can then help to kill the King.

Server address:


Coming Soon