Call of Duty 4 - Kill the King provides access to a Call of Duty 4 - Kill the King server.


  • or alternatively

  • Information:

  • Gametracker page: Here

  • Server's maps list on Github (each custom maps has been curated and tested by hand).

  • Server changelog: on Github

  • Mod changelog: on Github

  • Become VIP:

    As a thank you token, donators of a minimum of 10€ (or the cryptocurrency equivalent) can contact us to get a VIP role on the server.

  • VIP is permanent (this might change at a later date, but people donating before this is changed will keep a permanent access).

  • Donating also includes access to our Invidious instance and to our SearXNG instance.

  • VIPs Perks:

  • XP multiplier set at double the value of the "normal players" (so x2 during the week and x10 during events (rare))
  • Self-revive as guardian (once per life)
  • RPG with one rocket everytime you spawn as guardian
  • Small health bonus